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Synergistic IT Solutions, LLC (SIS) provides Global Management Consulting and Professional Services

Our service mission is to provide technical and support solutions to address the specific requirements and goals of our clients. Our services span the entire lifecycle of an IT and/or Telecommunications project: planning, requirements analysis, design, procurement, installation, training, and maintenance.

We provide professional management and technical guidance, hands-on expertise, and a systematic approach to managing and supporting projects and assignments. We apply state-of-the-art technology to help our clients achieve their program and project goals. Our management and technical talent give us the flexibility to respond to the needs of small as well as large diverse clients. Our commitment to excellence is steadfast to ensure that we meet and/ or exceed our clients' expectations.

Why we are different

The key to Synergistic’s success in providing customer satisfaction will lie in the strength of our Project Managers. Never more than one layer away from the executive management of the company, each Project Manager plays a critical and essential role in planning, directing, controlling, and supervising the resources dedicated to a project.

To ensure a thorough understanding of the needs of the client, Project Managers will be brought into the contract cycle as early as possible. Many of the managers who participate in the presentation of corporate capabilities briefs to prospective clients will also play an integral part in responding to requests for proposals from those same clients.

In addition to assessing the technical needs of a client and determining the resources necessary to meet those needs, Synergistic’s Project Managers are adept at locating the sources of supply required to meet the material needs of a client. Ever present is the goal of providing customers with the best value for their contract dollars. Not only will the Project Managers negotiate the best pricing possible from vendors, they will also direct and control the purchasing process from preparation of purchase orders to determining the most expeditious and cost-effective way of delivering products to the client.

In many respects, the Project Manager becomes an extension of the client's staff. Because our goal is client satisfaction, the interests of the client are the interests of the Project Manager. They are available to assist the client in planning as well as implementation. The Project Manager can provide the client with data necessary in the decision-making process and can be an invaluable tool in alternatives assessments (i.e., "WHAT IF" scenarios).

Project Life Cycle

Throughout the project life cycle, Project Managers are responsible for:

  • Preparation and maintenance of project schedules. Automated project management tools are available to all project managers to assist in supervising and monitoring the progress of a project. (SIS, LLC currently uses Microsoft Project for Windows as its automated PM tool.)
  • Selection of resources required for the project. Each Project Manager understands that all corporate resources are at their disposal for a project.
  • Preparation of all reports required by the contract to include progress reports and financial status reports.
  • Financial management of a project and serves as the contractor's representative during acceptance and inspection.
  • Preparation of deliverable/sign off documents.
  • Acting as the point of contact for resolving warranty repair issues with the manufacturer. Advising the appropriate Government Contract Monitors of all factors impacting on the performance of the contract to include:
    • Technology changes
    • Availability of supplies or other factors impacting on delivery
    • Changes in personnel
    • Factors beyond the control of the contractor that affect scheduling


    Sidney Downs

    Program Management and IT Business Development Executive

    30 years of Global Information Technology experience, with a successful track record using Technology to solve business problems. Key areas of expertise include: Global Strategy & Roadmap. Organizational Turn around, IT Security Strategy and Network Rationalization & Optimization, Data Center Implementation and Cloud Strategic Sourcing.

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