Scenario for Standing up DR/COOP Failover to Secondary Data Center

Sample Scenario:

Outline the steps, along with a proposed Level of Effort (LOE) for standing up a secondary datacenter for Continuity of Operations (COOP) failover. List contacts of reference where you have performed
similar tasks.

The SIS Team has a full understanding of the importance of implementing a Continuity of Operations (COOP) to ensure YOUR COMPANY remain fully functional in the event of an outage at its primary data centers. YOUR COMPANY provides a function which is a part of the critical infrastructure and is essential that it remains
operational at all times. Our team has deployed many such solutions for large federal agencies and is well versed on the requirements and process for a successful implementation. Our experience and knowledge of the COOP practices and technologies will allow for a seamless deployment in the YOUR COMPANY infrastructure.
When deploying the COOP site, our team will follow a standardized set of best practice implementation processes based on ITSM and ITIL. This includes the following phases 1) Initiation, Concept and Requirements Definition 2) Design 3) Implementation and 4) Turnover. The deployment steps can be seen in the diagram

COOP Site Solution Deployment Steps

The SIS Team brings Subject Matter Expert (SME) level information technology, engineering, and professional services with proven accomplishments in supporting large mission critical IT infrastructure environments. Our team has successfully implemented similar solutions providing COOP

Sample Performance Measures:

% of SAN Utilization

% Increase/Decrease of Power Utilization

Mean time between server failures

Mean time to resolve network outage

Scenario for Standing up DR/COOP Failover to Secondary Data Center Super User

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